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In these kind of gloomy days of grey skies and new Corona virus outbreak, even very recently with the pick of new cases in Japan that starts to impede our work activities: events I was invited to got canceled, events I have been working hard to organize are going to be canceled as well... a... Continue Reading →


After being in Italy several times around Christmas time, whether in Sicily, in Tuscany or in Rome, this year we decided to go a little further south and went to Malta. It was a destination that has always attracted me while in the meantime I didn't know what to expect. And it was actually a... Continue Reading →


My job really takes to places I would never have thought of going, Macau is one of them... when we moved to Japan we traveled a bit around; Seoul, Pekin, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia... but Macau wasn't really on our list. And I wasn't planning to go to the conference until I was invited to... Continue Reading →

Blind Donkey

It is difficult to find new nice restaurants in Tokyo, not that there is none but rather that the offer is to wide. And because of our busy schedules, finishing work late pretty much every day, the idea of eating out is rarely an option. But we have guests or visitors we're always happy to... Continue Reading →


Though very close from Japan, it's only the second time I travelled to Korea. Until this week, I have always avoided traveling to Korea, in particular to Daejon, where a lot of events in my professional field happen. The reason is simple: our first experience with Korea, back then in 2005 was a very disappointing... Continue Reading →


Spring and fall are the perfect seasons for hiking in Japan. The temperatures are just right not to get a sweat but not to freeze or die of over heat, bugs are fewer and either the flowers and tender greens, or the crimson colors of fall make a picturesque scenery. There are plenty of options... Continue Reading →


Well well well the title of this post is very ambitious and may be misleading. I am not going to give an extensive review of the city nor of it's eateries and markets... I was there for three days for work and it was my first time in Melbourne and I didn't touch a pan... Continue Reading →


Well... I'm just back to Tokyo after spending one week in Tuscany, one beautiful week. It was A. 5th trip and my third in the span of 9months and now is time to share a few addresses and places I really loved. One of my strong requirement during our trips was to have a kitchen,... Continue Reading →


Going to Paris in August is always a feast! The city is empty of angry Parisian and everything is smooth and nice. Of course there is no theatre show nor opera to see, little exhibitions and some shops and restaurants are closed for the summer holiday, but who cares? It's the best time to visit... Continue Reading →


As planned I didn't have much time to write in the past days, busy with work: final grading, entrance exams, proposals to submit and research to supervise as usual though. And at home it's been busy too, with friends visiting and a feverish A. to take care of. But the noticeable thing of this week... Continue Reading →

Away from the heat

I am quite ok with the heat in the summer, I move slowly, plan things ahead to never have to run, carry water with me and dress lightly. And if I can swim it's perfect. I guess my body is also used to it from growing in the South of France. But little Parisian A.... Continue Reading →

Detour @Brisbane

So, we've been in Brisbane for a couple of days now and we've tried a few places to dine out but it is not too easy to find nice restaurants in at a reasonable distance from the city center that serves local products... hopefully our friend C. found one very very nice place where we... Continue Reading →

Spring savory delights

Nothing to do with the recipe I am presenting today, but the other night we went to check the newly opened Tokyo midtown Hibiya. A new building with many shops, a large Toho cinema and a terrace garden with a view on Hibiya park and the imperial palace. The place just opened so it was... Continue Reading →


Until today I couldn't really say "I've been in Toronto". When I was a teenager I spent a few hours there on a trip to Niagara with my American family, I remembered the CN tower and around but that was all. So when D. and C. proposed to spend the weekend in Toronto while I... Continue Reading →


When we first arrived in Japan there was a huge post office close to Tokyo station. Quite convenient at the time for tourists because post offices where the only places or so where you could withdraw cash from an ATM with a foreign credit card. But the building didn’t resist the whole tide of renewals... Continue Reading →

Fresh pasta

You know how much we love fresh pasta and more than any stuffed pasta. While in Florence this time I didn’t have much free time to cook, traveling here and there (Pisa, Paris...) for work so we tried a few places where to buy some fresh pasta and so far in central Florence the best... Continue Reading →

Life in Florence

So, it's been four days we've been in Florence, except for Sunday that we spent walking around the city as described here, it's been a rather studious time. A. leaves early in the morning while it's all dark and comes back late at night, and this gives me more than plenty of time to work,... Continue Reading →


 Good morning from Florence!  So here we are, finally in Italy, this time it’s not Sicily but Tuscany, and it’s not for the Christmas holidays with the family but a business trip. Nonetheless it’s the Christmas season and it's Italy with panettone and Christmas songs everywhere and the many delicious food to eat! In order... Continue Reading →

Brown rice

When we are in Isumi I like to go to Rice Terrace restaurant for a macrobiotic lunch outdoor, but I don't like to go when it rains because the whole place is designed to enjoy being outside and there are usually too many families and it can become very noisy. Luckily we found an other... Continue Reading →

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